Our lead developer at Design Web Perth has taken a few moments to jot down his top Perth web design tips. Your website is your first impression to potential customers and in his experience, he believes every website should have the following in order to make a lasting impression.

Responsive: Well-presented websites that work on mobile devices, are 80% more likely to get business referrals. All of Design Web Perth’s websites are responsive. Want to know more about responsive websites? Read our blog on what they are and why you need one.

Clean and sophisticated: It’s time to remove all the unnecessary bells and whistles. Stick to a simple design with straight to the point content to convey a professional image. Have a read of our blog on 2018’s biggest website trend to learn our take on simple web designs.

Updated software and technology: There’s no bigger deterrent for customers than old technology or lagging software. Give us a call now on (08) 6424 8643 to find out what software’s we use and how we keep things current.

Show off what you know: Use testimonials, have a portfolio, make sure you have online reviews. Did you just ask yourself if online reviews are even important? Read our blog that covers this topic.


Easy to contact: If a potential customer has to spend more than 30 seconds on your website, then you’ve probably lost your chance. Send an email to admin@designwebperth.com.au to get a quote for us to redesign your website, making it more functional and user friendly.