Keeping your website up to date can sometimes be time consuming and a hassle. Although if you treat your website like a garden it can make that a whole lot easier.

If you leave your ‘garden’ unattended it can grow weeds and your plants are likely to die. The same thing can happen to your websites if you do not maintain them.

Your website needs to be regularly maintained so that it can function properly, attract visitors, and of course generate maximum revenue. Plans from Design Web Perth include updates, so your page is limited by your imagination.

Here are five reasons why you should keep your website up to date:

  1. You website is available for anyone to look at and is a reflection of the image you want to put out. If your website has errors such as links not working, dead pages, difficult navigation and so much more this can lead to a decline in business. A routine check of your website to see how it looks and feels is necessary for your business to be successful over your competitors.
  2. The internet is constantly changing and most think ‘it won’t happen to me’. It will. A weak site and a site that is not regularly updated can be easily exploited. Design Web Perth includes backups in all of our plans.
  3. Frequently keeping your website up to date will help a search engine find your website faster and give your website the opportunity to achieve higher rank on search engines.
  4. One of the first things people do to find information about your company is look it up on google. If your webpage looks old or has information that is out of date or not current, this can deter visitors from your page.
  5. Publishing new and fresh content on your website helps keeps it up to date. When you publish new content, this can give your website more opportunities to contain keywords and phrases people search for. Doing this can attract more visitor to your website.

If you would like our assistance in doing this, you can contact our Perth Web Designers now on or give us a call on 6424 8643