A web designer is someone who prepares content for the web. They style the pages, choose the layout of the pages with content, text and images.

A site builder is a tool that substitutes design and coding knowledge. So instead of having the knowledge to code and know design fundamentals they have pre-made template designs.

The advantages of choosing a web designer are:

  • They understand the best design practice, fonts, colours, harmony and balance.
  • Ongoing support with a human rather than a live chat with tech support.
  • Saved time. Instead of you sitting there for hours on end trying to get your website perfect why not have someone else do it! It will also save you a lot of stress as they know what they are doing
  • They can turn a vision in your head into a reality. That idea you have, you can say to them and they will bring it to life for you.

Disadvantages of a site builder:

  • Many of the site builders you use have the same templates so your site may look good but it will never look great and stand out from your competitors.
  • Using a site builder can be frustrating as you are working within framework which cannot be altered much, this can make your vision not come across as you have hoped and can make the website seem ‘generic’.
  • It takes time to create a website with a site builder. Is this time your company has to spare?


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