What is copy writing?
Copy writing is based in marketing – It is the process of writing advertising promotional materials such as catalogs, billboards, newspaper advertisements, social media posts and other marketing communications in a persuasive and creative way. Copywriters write sales promotions and other marketing materials for products/business’ to encourage people to take action and invest. Their job is to gain your business more customers and viewers in a quicker amount of time by using persuasive copy (Copy is words used on web pages, ads and other promotional material).
Most people get copy writing confused with copyright – the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish or sell someone else’s work.

Why do you need it?
At Design Web Perth we believe professional copy writers deliver better results in less time, They help provide quality content and their efforts are more effective than most advertising methods. By creating unique and relevant copy on a website, blog or social media post they can easily build an audience and develop a rapid flow of traffic towards it quickly.

You do not have the time – Here at Design Web Perth we know that trying to run a successful business and keep on top of everything is hard and time consuming leaving you with little time to worry about the small things. Copy writers are there to promote your business/product in a persuasive and creative way that can potentially gain some more customers. In the current digital age copy writing is critical for success online. A copy writer makes sure that what your websites copy says contributes to your SEO goals and helps your website rank higher on google making your website more visible to potential customers.

Your website, sales materials and company blog are the face of your brand and the truth is that writing is the underrated superstar of sales. The majority of people will already make their mind up on whether to buy a product before they even speak to a salesperson due to reading online blogs or websites.