At Design Web Perth with a team of graphic designers, marketing consultants, web developers and tech gurus we’re right on the pulse of the industry. Making sure we are up to date on all the newest trends is important to us, to ensure that not only our content is fresh and relevant but so is our customers.

We’re now half way through 2018 and it is evident that there has been a shift in the trends and technologies of web design. The main trend that we have noticed is that less has become more, the use of simple and straight forward design and content is at the forefront of current trends.

A minimalist theme paired with an abundance of white space and bright accents is how stylish web sites are looking these days. Our website features a simple theme that uses images and colour to catch your eye.

As much as you think using every feature available will showcase your skills, using simplicity is much more effective. This trend is definitely one to consider when envisioning your new website, make sure to think about the following factors:

  • Having a simple and strong foundation to your website will make it easier to update your information and content, saving you time and effort.
  • Your customers don’t want to be clicking around all the functions before they find the about or contact us section, make it easy for them.
  • Making it simple is more appealing on the eye, it will help you to avoid looking outdated and crowded.

To see the way we interpret and incorporate different trends, check out our work. Contact us now on (08) 6424 8643 or send an email to