In 2019, your website design will either make or break your company’s goals. Not only is the way it looks a major key to gaining more customers it’s also the way your website functions and how easy it is to use. Our Web Page designers here at Design Web Perth say having a website that is hard to navigate and full of too much information can come across as unorganized and drive customers away.

Our Web designers believe avoiding these few things are just some of the steps you can take to assure your website is appealing to potential customers.

Having a slow loading website;
A fast loading web page is key to gain more viewers. If your page takes more than a few seconds to load, it is likely that your users will not wait and will redirect themselves to a website that loads quicker. At Design Web Perth we believe having less images, caching your web page, removing unnecessary line breaks and extra space are all ways you can help increase the speed of your website.

Using poor quality images;
Using pixelated or blurry mages on your web page can make your website seem nonprofessional and potentially lose you customers. Your website may be the first introduction to a potential customer so any images on your website should be off top quality.

Not having a mobile responsive website;
Your website needs to be responsive to both smartphone and desktop based web browsers meaning it needs to be configured to load quickly on a screen of any size. Our web page designers at Design Web Perth believe having a mobile responsive website plays a big role in today’s generation. A mobile responsive design can make a website more available and accessible as anyone with a smart phone can view it at any time anywhere, rather than having to be on a desktop. If your page cannot be easily accessed or viewed over a smartphone then you could potentially miss out on a number of customers.

Assuming the longer your page the better;
A long web page with a large amount of text can be seen as too much effort meaning that you’ll most probably lose your audiences interest resulting in them finding a different web page. If you provide a small amount of text with all the right information included it you are more likely to hold your audience’s attention for long enough to deliver your intended message. Most readers only skim through web pages looking for keywords of the products or service they are after so do not under estimate the importance of subheadings and bullet points.

Not talking about pricing;
Many company do not have price listing on their website and it’s understandable when the answer to “How much are your services?” Is usually “It depends.”  Here at Design Web Perth we think not mentioning pricing altogether can be seen as annoying to customers who would rather know a rough cost of your services before giving you a call or submitting a form for a follow up.

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