A responsive design is a design that creates seamless viewing over a wide range of devices from desktops to tablets to smart phones.

Our Website Designers in Perth say “Having a mobile responsive website is important, as smartphone usage has risen rapidly in the last 5 years”.

A mobile responsive design can make a website more available and accessible as anyone with a smartphone can view it at any time anywhere rather than having to be on a desktop.

By having a mobile responsive website your SEO (search engine optimizer) can be increased as google can identify if a website id mobile responsive and favours it when displaying results.

We know the business world is dog eat dog and always has been and it is even more so online.  These days going forward, you need to be up to date and by having your website mobile, responsive it can give you the edge over your competitors you need to succeed.

If you would like to talk to us about making your next website mobile responsive, contact one of our Perth Website Designers today by phone or send us an email to admin@designwebperth.com.au