Could having no reviews be as bad as having negative reviews?

Can reviews really make or break a sale?

Design Web Perth believes that referrals and reviews are crucial and something your business should be actively seeking. With 92% of people reading reviews before buying, the statistics speak for themselves.

Online reviews provide social proof, brand credibility and they give you an insight into the opinions of your customers. They also assist in your visibility on search engines. This is because each review increases your authority and relevance and therefore you have a better chance of being ranked higher.

Testimonials or a portfolio can also be useful in reassuring customers, have a look how we incorporate ‘our work’ into our website, this gives our Perth web design customers an idea of the quality of work we produce and shows who we have worked with.

Like many, the web design Perth industry is extremely competitive, so publicly presenting your client base is a great way to showcase your credibility and make your mark.

Something else to consider when looking into the importance of reviews, is that no reviews at all can have a negative impact. When a consumer searches you and finds no information, it automatically distrusts them and they are less likely to buy. It could also tell them that you are a new business, but most buyers aren’t interested in being the guinea pig – so they’ll go somewhere else.

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Providing outstanding service and having great relationships with your customers, won’t necessarily guarantee you online reviews. You’re going to need to encourage it. Contact us now and we can have a chat about how to integrate reviews into your Design Web Perth website.

We’ll leave you with a couple of tips to consider

  1. Make it possible, have an easy call-to-action feature for customers to leave a review
  2. Make it mobile friendly
  3. Just ask! Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for an online review
  4. Make sure to follow up and thank them once they’ve left a review
  5. Reward your customers. Maybe incentivize if possible, make it a competition or offer a discount
  6. Reply to the reviews