Having a bad website can hurt your business. Most people visit a company’s website before they invest their time and money into it.

A website with common mistakes can scare clients away instead of giving them confidence that you can do what you are proposing.

Common mistakes to look out for are:

  • Our Perth Website Designers say that “If your website take more than 2 seconds to load most people are too impatient and will instantly click onto another website”
  • Do not under estimate the importance of mobile traffic. Smart phone usage has increased rapidly in the last 5 years and your website need to be responsive to smartphone based web browsers, meaning it needs to be configured to load quickly and display quickly on a screen of any size.
  • Design Web Perth believe navigation is also important. Having a website that is difficult to navigate can lead your viewers to get lost, become bored or frustrated and leave – usually not to return.
  • Your website has link and buttons that are too small to click. If your buttons aren’t “mouse” friendly or “finger” friendly it makes the page hard to navigate which makes the visitor less likely to come back.
  • Is your website cluttered? Do you have too many picture, animations, ads, music etc.? All of these things can take away from the important information you want to get across on your website
  • Having poor photo or image quality. Images and photos need to look crisp, not blurry or pixilated, as this can deter viewers from your website.


If your website has any of these common mistakes it sounds like it needs an update.

If you would like our assistance in doing this, you can contact us now on admin@designwebperth.com.au or give us a call in 6424 8643.