7 reasons why our Perth Web Designers think your site may not be ranking on Google:

  • Your website is not mobile responsive. If your website is not mobile responsive google will rank other competitors website over your, that are mobile responsive.
  • Poor content optimisation. Have you optimised your content for search engines? (SEO)
  • No social media activity. If your website does not have any social media links, it could affect your ranking. A lack of social media is a sign that your website lacks credibility.
  • Poor load speed. Google as well as users expect your website to load quickly. If your website takes too long to load this can make your rank, on google go down.
  • Your site is still new. Google evaluated hundreds of different factors to determine rankings. Once of these is how established your site is.
  • Your site is poorly designed. Trust our Perth Web Designers. If the navigation on your page is too difficult for visitors, to use then they will leave the website quickly and google notices this. Google then assumes visitors are not finding what they are looking for and your website can be pushed down the ranks.
  • Your content is lacking in quality. Most mistake ‘long content’ with ‘high-quality content’.  Make sure to use your targeted keywords, so that you can out rank your competition.

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