Perth Website Slang and Terminology Explained

Are you looking for a new Perth website designer? But have been deterred because of all the confusing language? Design Web Perth makes things simple for our customers.

We thought we’d give a quick little web design tutorial on some of the terms you will hear Perth website developers say.

Backlink: Backlinks are links from other sites back to your own. Using lots of backlinks from high-ranking sites can greatly improve your search engine results.

Bad Neighbourhood: This refers to the server where your site is hosted, if you’re hosted by someone that also hosts spam/scamming pages, you’re in a bad neighbourhood and could be penalised for this.

Below the fold: Below the fold refers to the content below the first viewable point on your webpage (users have to scroll down to see it).

Bounce rate: This is the percentage of people who leave your site, without clicking through any pages. This can indicate a lot of factors, such as your website is too hard to navigate through or simply not interesting enough to stick around.

Breadcrumb: These are the navigation elements that appear at the top of the web page, showing the pages you went through to reach your current destination. Sometimes they can look like this home>category>post.

Cache: These are files that are copied by a web browser, so that next time you visit that site, it loads faster.

Link farm: This is a technique where websites are setup specifically to direct link popularity to another website. There are penalties for doing things like this.

Clutter: This is basically a poorly designed page, with too much information on one page and no use of white space. Have a read of our article on the use and importance of simplicity in Perth website design

Hero: A hero is an oversized image, this is placed above the fold and is designed to catch your attention. It will generally include a ‘call-to-action’, asking you to sign up or contact now.

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