There are many misconceptions about web designers that we thought we would take a moment to address them.

  1. Web Design is easy & anyone can do it

Sure, websites can look effortless and simple but each button and feature takes time and effort in decision-making, as well as analysing and a lot of trial and error. There is a lot of work that goes into a website, ensuring it is achieving its business purposes while still having an effective design.

  1. The site is done, so you don’t need us anymore

This is the most common misconception that we hear about and one that concerns us the most. Once a website is up and running, it does not mean the work is done. Websites are the most effective when they are the most relevant, therefore frequent updates to your content and technology is crucial. As well as frequent backups, to ensure that your site is secure. This is why Design Web Perth offers a monthly fee rather than a one-off fixed rate. See the below link for a breakdown of our pricing plans

  1. It costs thousands to have one

This may be true for some web design companies, but not Design Web Perth. We offer great quality websites, for a great price. Read our blog to find out how much you should be paying

  1. Content doesn’t matter

When we discuss content with our clients such as blogging, newsletters and social media, we reiterate how important the quality of your content must be. Firstly, for your customers and secondly for SEO purposes.